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Markal® Re-Branded

Markal® Re-Branded 0 Comments

Markal® has been the leader in industrial marking tools since 1934, and over the years we've evolved to better adapt to the changing needs of our customers. 

We’ve overhauled our Markal® brand and its family of products for, and with, people like you in mind. Learn more about our rebrand and how our industrial markers and products looks and packaging have been updated to easily communicate their benefits for industrial applications.


Keep Your Cool with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray

Keep Your Cool with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray 0 Comments

When you’re working “under the hood,” you can expect that things are going to get hotter than a sweltering summer day. Protect against jobsite heat damage with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray by LA-CO.
  • Candace Bregola
Quality Doesn’t Have to Leave a Mark

Quality Doesn’t Have to Leave a Mark 0 Comments

Summary: In the world of removable marking, automotive industries may elect to go with one or more of three different products: 1) crayons; 2) inks, and 3) paint pens. These three types of markers offer many distinct advantages and disadvantages, and one may be more ideal for a specific application than another.  

  • Abby Abraham
Welding Safety Tips

Welding Safety Tips 6 Comments

What safety tips do you follow to make sure you are being safe and producing safe welds?
  • Ellen Wright