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Removable Markers: Ink vs. Liquid Paint for Temporary Marking

Removable Markers: Ink vs. Liquid Paint for Temporary Marking 0 Comments

Do you believe all removable markers are the same? It may surprise you to find out that they're not. Removable markers are versatile and different from other types of markers in both composition and usage. Find out the differences between ink versus liquid paint when it comes to the removable marker and what type could be the right choice for your temporary application.
Markal® Re-Branded

Markal® Re-Branded 0 Comments

Markal® has been the leader in industrial marking tools since 1934, and over the years we've evolved to better adapt to the changing needs of our customers. 

We’ve overhauled our Markal® brand and its family of products for, and with, people like you in mind. Learn more about our rebrand and how our industrial markers and products looks and packaging have been updated to easily communicate their benefits for industrial applications.