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Professional-grade products for: Piping and Transmission, Refinery and Nuclear

Products for the Construction Industry including: Utilities, Framing, and Masonry.

Professional-grade marking and temperature-indicating products for metal fabrication including: Welding, Forming, Assembly and Quality Control.

Markers in a variety of tips and sizes certified to be low in chlorides, halogens and sulfurs for low corrosion marking requirements.

Smooth Marking On Any Surface

Smooth-marking paint in the industry's largest twist-up solid paint marker.

Mark virtually any surface with vibrant, fast-drying paint. Keep hands, clothing and toolboxes clean with the industry’s largest twist-up solid paint marker.

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LA-CO Industries is proud to create tools for the hardworking people who build the world’s engineering marvels.

Our Story

In 1934, we created the marking solutions category by creating tools specifically for industrial professionals. Today, our tools meet the exact needs of our customers—regardless of application or environment.

Work Unites and Ignites Us.

We believe in the unconquerable spirit of working people.


Work Unites and Ignites Us.