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The 2019 Top Ten Safety Tips

The 2019 Top Ten Safety Tips

Working in an industrial area is exciting and very rewarding to many, but it can also contain a lot of hidden hazards detrimental to someone’s health. Approximately 5.7 of every 100 workers experience a job-related injury or illness each year.  Here we have collected some of the Top 10 Safety tips to help keep you safe from common dangers around the job. 

 1. Use tools and machines properly

    • Always make sure that you know how to use tools or machinery correctly.  If you are not comfortable with any equipment do not operate it until you have further training! Accidents can quickly happen when something is not a familiar item.  Common issues include using the wrong tool for a task or creating an unsafe environment while not correctly using heavy equipment.

    Safety tip #1: Use tools and machines properly

    2. Be aware of your surroundings

      • Check your surroundings and make sure they are up to standards.  If there are preventable measures to take, always check those are intact, such as certain marks on equipment.  A tool like the Security Check Paint Marker is great for making sure that equipment is stable and safe for use.

      Safety Tip #2: Be aware of your surroundings


      3. Be safe in the cold weather

        • Working outside means watching out for harsh weather! Be mindful of extreme temperatures and in this current winter weather, keep your skin protected. 

        Safety Tip #3: Be safe in the cold weather

        4.  Follow procedure, don’t take shortcuts

          • Trying to take shortcuts to save time or money can possibly cause a procedure to be done the wrong way.  In the end it may cost the company more time and money either in the short or long run.  Always follow correct procedures as they are being held in place for a reason, if you see a beneficial shortcut speak with a supervisor first.

          Safety Tip #4: Follow Procedure, Don't take shortcuts

          5.  Wear your protective gear

            • It is important to always wear protective gear where it is required.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes items like hard hats, goggles, shoes and gloves that are vital to staying safe in certain work environments.  The reasons to wear this gear can vary from job to job; make sure to always wear everything that is necessary.

            Safety Tip #5: Wear your protective gear


            6.  If you see unsafe conditions, let a supervisor know

              • Being aware of your surroundings means you may spot unsafe conditions in a work environment.  If you spot unsafe work areas make sure to make this known to a supervisor or corresponding personnel.  Marking items or machinery with appropriate tools can help bring possible hazards to attention.  Marking tools such as Valve Action Paint Markers or even more specified tools like Tempilabels  to measure temperatures can be great help.

              Safety Tip #6:  If you see unsafe conditions, let your supervisor know


              7.  Take breaks

                • Long periods of time without proper breaks can lead to a decrease in focus or alertness.  This can possibly also cause a loss in productivity; make sure you are taking regular breaks within your work day.

                Safety Tip #7: Take breaks


                8.  Stay sober

                  • Drugs or alcohol cause a huge difference in productivity and affect your motor skills and judgment.  This is a huge hazard for yourself and coworkers around you make sure to never take any drugs or alcohol prior to beginning your work day.

                  Safety Tip #8: Stay sober


                  9.  Practice correct posture

                    • Bad posture may not seem like a big problem but in the long run can have a huge effect on the employee as well as the company.  Make sure to practice good posture while sitting or lifting to avoid, sprains, strains, muscle tears or dislocations on your back or hips.

                    Safety Tip #9: Practice correct posture


                    10.  Reduce workplace stress

                      • Talk to your manager if workplace stress is hindering your focus.  Workplace stress can include issues such as overly long hours, conflicts with coworkers and heavy workloads.  This often leads to distractions, rushing and lower productivity. 

                      Safety Tip #10: Reduce workplace stress




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                      • Nichol Forte
                        Nichol Forte

                        Hi admin, Thanks for the in-depth post!

                      • Heavy Construction Equipment
                        Heavy Construction Equipment

                        Amazing post about top safety tips that will help keep safe from common dangers while operating heavy equipment. Heavy equipment helps increase the amount of work done in a day, which can ultimately lead to increased productivity and profits.To buy or sell any kind of heavy equipment, you can contact Boom & Bucket.

                      • Carol Dowdell
                        Carol Dowdell

                        To the admin, Thanks for the well-researched and well-written post!

                      • Ava M
                        Ava M

                        You made a good point when you said that it is beneficial to follow the correct procedures to ensure your safety. This is something that reminds me of workplaces that must have a first aid provider to ensure the safety of their employees. I could imagine how construction companies could consider your tips to urgently help anyone during a medical emergency.

                      • Shammy Peterson
                        Shammy Peterson

                        It made sense to me when you said that in order to stay safe in certain work environments, you must wear protective gear where it is required. Maybe, this is something that projects that involve isolated worksites must have. I could imagine how they could also hire level 3 first aid attendants in order to prioritize the safety of all the workers, especially during emergencies.

                      • Saidu Bangura
                        Saidu Bangura

                        there will come a day when every thin you do just work in a negative way. eg holding a spanner and it fell on your leg ,you working on a machine , you dont focus, you hit your head on a low work way. what must i do.

                      • TUKUNDANE GIDEON
                        TUKUNDANE GIDEON


                      • Shammy Peterson
                        Shammy Peterson

                        I could not agree more when you said that you must not use tools or machinery unless you are fully trained. This reminds me of construction companies that need to employ a rigging and signal person for their operations. I could imagine the need for them to be trained well and properly in order to avoid accidents involving cranes.

                      • Damazio

                        Excellent delivery

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                        Ozi Timi Tims

                        Interesting, Educative, Achievable Health Safety and Environmental tips.

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                        San Bernardino Electrician

                        Great blog, thanks for sharing this information with us. Your blog is straightforward to the point.

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                        Dhiren Rai

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                        Ebenezer Botchway

                        Thank you very much for your wonderful work doing,I’m really inspired,and keep on your great work.

                      • Camilla Gail
                        Camilla Gail

                        Its a good post and actionable safety tips. Staying safe and secured at workplace is the ultimate goal of any health and safety organizations especially for the companies. Therefore, you need to follow guidelines, wear safety garments, safety gears and gadgets all are required for the workers to improve health and safety environment at their workplace.

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