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Marker 101 Quiz

Marker 101 Quiz


Do you know what type of marker is most used around the globe? Do you know the difference between a permanent and temporary mark? Test your knowledge about markers with our quick quiz by simply answering each true or false question.

  1. Ink Markers are the most commonly-used type of marker in the world. True or False?
  2. Industrial markers are also known as office supply markers. True or False?
  3. Solid paint markers are ideal for use on both smooth and extremely rough surfaces. True or False?
  4. Liquid paint markers typically dry in more than a minute and leave brighter, more durable marks than ink markers. True or False?
  5. Welding markers are typically comprised of soapstone and welders’ pencils. True or False?
  6. Marking life is the duration of time a mark is legible. True or False?
  7. Temporary marks created by industrial markers are designed to be removed with soap and water. True or False?
  8. Removable marks can be quickly and easily washed off of any non-porous surface without ghosting or leaving a residue. True or False?
  9. Permanent marks are designed to be long-lasting and easily removed. True or False?
  10. Low Corrosion markers have been tested and approved to be low in chlorides, halogens, and other corrosion causing chemicals. True or False?

So how did you do?


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