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Keep Your Cool with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray

Keep Your Cool with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray

When you’re working “under the hood,” you can expect that things are going to get hotter than a sweltering summer day. Protect against jobsite heat damage with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray by LA-CO. Cool Gel® is a heat barrier spray that can be used to protect the surrounding components and materials of your project from costly heat damage during brazing, soldering, and welding applications. It instantly cools the surrounding components of your work area by protecting surfaces from heat, fires and discoloration that can be caused by the close proximity of heat from torches and guns. The Cool Gel® no-drip formula sticks easily to surfaces without dripping or run off, is safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin, and odorless. 


Keep Your Cool with Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray 

When you’re working “under the hood,” you can expect that things are going to get hotter than a sweltering summer day. You’ve got enough to think about to make sure you’re physically coping with heat-related stress without the additional worry of a compromised job site due to heat damage.  

Heat damage can be an unexpected and costly consequence of common brazing, soldering, and welding applications. The high temperatures involved can be especially dangerous to your project and its components. Add to that the further challenge that not all brazing, soldering, and welding can be done in wide open spaces. This is where a heat barrier product can assist with keeping things cool.  


What is a Heat Barrier Product? 

Heat barrier products can be used to protect the surrounding components and materials of your project from costly heat damage during brazing, soldering, and welding applications. They instantly cool the surrounding components of your work area by protecting surfaces from heat, fires and discoloration that can be caused by the close proximity of heat from torches and guns.  


A Need for Safety 

Whether soldering, brazing, or welding, heat can cause significant damage to sensitive materials and components or surrounding areas. These excessive temperatures cannot only damage items in a work area but can also create both health and safety hazards. LA-CO recognized the need to protect components and materials from torch heat, in a user-safe formula, and developed Cool Gel®. Made specifically to withstand brutal temperatures when other materials can’t, Cool Gel® was designed to keep your jobsite productive, safe and free of damage by helping reduce the danger of fire and heat damage to work area components and surrounding materials. It’s easier to use than a heat blanket.  


What to Look For in a Heat Barrier Product 

Considerations when selecting the right heat barrier product to use are dependent on, but not limited to, the type of work to be done, material or surface conditions and the job site itself. Some of the top questions you might take into account are: 

  • whether the metal is lead-free or not (if soldering or welding)  
  • if the heat barrier product drips or runs off 
  • if there are hard to reach places that require heat protection  
  • if the heat barrier product leaves residue or stains 
  • whether your work site has proper ventilation 
  • ease of use 
  • if the product poses harmful health-risks such as toxicity, odor and/or skin irritation.  

Cool Gel® is safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin, and odorless. The unique, no-drip gelled formula sticks easily to lead-free surfaces without dripping or run off, can withstand hot temperatures, and can be easily reapplied to make working in tight areas safer. The clear, non-staining gel absorbs heat before it can harm vulnerable surfaces and evaporates within 48 hours leaving no residue and eliminating cleanup. Using Cool Gel® provides assurance your job can be completed without costly heat damage to expensive equipment or surrounding finishes.  


How do I use Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray? 

Thoroughly shake the bottle and spray Cool Gel® on the components and surfaces surrounding the area you’ll be working on. Avoid spraying the surface where the flame will be applied. Cool Gel® instantly sticks and activates to provide immediate heat protection while you continue your work on your intended area. Reapply as needed for longer lasting heat protection. Once your work is completed, Cool Gel® evaporates within 24-48 hours leaving no residue and eliminating additional time for cleanup or cleanup in areas that can’t be easily reached. 


Cool Gel® is commonly used to protect against heat and fire damage in the following applications:  

  • Valves & fittings 
  • New construction & pipping installation 
  • MRO 
  • Trim work & cabinetry 
  • Drywall & studs 
  • Commercial rooftop repair 
  • Furnace repair & installation 
  • Refrigeration repair & installation 
  • Medical gas systems 
  • Brazing, soldering, and welding 
  • Wires and wiring 


See how Cool Gel® works in a welding application.  



By using a heat barrier spray, you will protect your work including lead-free valves, rubber seals, gaskets and painted surfaces from heat damage saving you save time, money, and potential hazards on the job site. 


Where Can I Get Cool Gel® Heat Barrier Spray? 

Cool Gel® can be purchased on our website or from any of our distributors. If you’re a distributor looking to add Cool Gel® to your inventory, please contact us here 


Cool Gel® is proudly made in the USA 

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