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Who We Are 9272021

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We understand what drives the hardworking men and women who mark their careers by the quality of what they produce.



  • Built for Pros
  • We are focused on industrial professionals and their specific applications and environments. Our products have been built to meet their specific needs and are a reflection of 85 years of listening and innovation.
    • We field test our products in the harshest conditions.
    • Tools designed for specific applications and environments.


  • Industry Experts
  • In 1934, we created the marking solutions category by creating tools specifically for industrial professionals. Today, our tools meet the exact needs of our customers—regardless of application or environment.
    • Technical support by our dedicated chemical engineers.
    • Deep industry knowledge, guided by four generations of family-owned leadership.


  • High-Performance Reliability
  • Quality, dependability and reliability are at the core of what we do. We manufacture the paints, monitor quality control and create the marking tools to ensure you get what you've come to expect from our brands.
    • Formulas certified by an independent third party.
    • Proven formula since 1934 gets the job done.

Pioneering for the Future

We continuously invest in research and development to create products which are designed to meet the needs of the professionals who use them.