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Parent Company Information

LA-CO Industries is a family-owned global manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial hand-held markers, plumbing chemicals, and livestock identification products. Since 1934, we have taken pride in the design and manufacturing of high quality, performance-based products for our customers’ unique applications.

Today, LA-CO Industries is proudly celebrating 80 years of high-quality products in the industrial, plumbing, temperature indication, and farming industries.

Our Brands


Our Markal brand is the global leader in high-performance, hand-held industrial marking products. From our manufacturing locations in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA and Blyes, France we produce and sell high-performance industrial markers for the following industries: metal production, shipbuilding, automotive assembly, welding and metal fabrication, building construction, lumber/timber processing, and many more.

For over 80 years, we have been proud to support the hardworking contractors that build the world’s great bridges, ships, automobiles, homes, office towers, power plants, and many other engineering marvels with Markal® products.

Today, Markal-branded products are sold around the world in over 60 countries. This broad network of long-term business partners provides our customers the highest level of service.


The All-Weather brand of livestock marking and identification products is the world’s most trusted brand for herd management on dairy and swine farms. Our All-Weather livestock marking products have helped support global increases in herd sizes and have provided low-cost, efficient solutions for animal heat detection, vaccination, insemination, and other high-volume herd management needs.

Today, All-Weather-branded products are sold around the world in over 30 countries. For more product information please visit


Our LA-CO brand of high-quality, high-performance plumbing and HVAC chemicals is a trusted partner for professional contractors around the world. From homes to skyscrapers to the United States’ National Archives Building in Washington D.C., LA-CO-branded high-performance thread sealants, fluxes, heat protection products, and repair sealants protect history’s important documents and maintain the world’s precious natural resources. 


The Tempil® brand is a leader in advanced & accurate temperature indication technologies. Through research & development, our Tempil brand has provided products to meet demands in surface temperature measurement, supply chain & process integrity, & healthcare sterilization.

Today, Tempil-branded products are sold around the world. For more product information, please visit

Our Mission

"To actively listen to our customers and meet or exceed their expectations by providing the highest quality performance products for marking, sealing, joining and other chemical specialty applications. To be environmentally responsible in the design and manufacture of our products. To promote the growth and well-being of our employees."