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Why use Tempilstik in pipeline welding?

Why use Tempilstik in pipeline welding?

It is impossible to find an oil well or refinery that does not have pipe system. Installing and maintaining these pipelines and systems require strong welds in conditions that are not always the most ideal.

The Tempil® Tempilstik® is designed to make temperature measurement simple and accurate, even in the varied conditions of a pipeline. What other benefits are there to using the Tempilstik for pipeline welding and repairs?


Tempilstik is a temperature indicating stick that instantly melts when it reaches the designated temperature. Hitting that exact temperature is important to make sure your weld is solid.  Some temperature measurement tools can have accuracy issues because they require calibration or because you are not able to touch them directly to the surface you measuring.   Tempilstik is touched directly to the surface of your material and is accurate to within +/- 1% Fahrenheit and +/- 3% Celsius which eliminates fears of inaccurate temperature readings.

No calibration

When welding, it is vital that you reach the correct temperature when pre-heating your materials.  Most thermometers require you to take the time to calibrate in order to get reliable, accurate measurements. The Tempilstik gives you 100% reliability without having to spend time and money calibrating.


Wide temperature range

Tempilstiks are available in 116 temperatures that range from 100°F (38°C) to 2000°F (1093°C).  This wide range of temperatures makes it easy to find the temperature you need for welding and can make find multiple sticks to ensure you are in your temperature zone easy as well.

Compliance requirements

Tempilstik is engineered to comply with preheat requirements of AWS D1.1, ASME Code Sec I, III, and VIII, ANSI/ASME Code B31.1. and B31.3 making it safe a variety industries including oil and gas.

To learn more about the Tempil Tempilstik, visit the product page or reach out to our Customer Service Team at customer.service@laco.com.

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