Top Five Markers for Railroads –

Top Five Markers for Railroads

Top Five Markers for Railroads

According to the Association of American Railroads, there are approximately 136,898 miles of railroad in the United States. These railroads are moving hundreds of tons of commuters and materials every day through rain, wind, sun, snow, ice, freezing cold, and stifling heat. Materials for railroads need to be durable and that includes marking products used.

Paint markers are designed to last in the all conditions railroads are dealing with on a daily basis. Paint can handle extreme climate changes and the durable marks don’t fade or wear off. Paint markers can also mark on almost any surface. From smooth glass, to rusted tracks, to hot wheel assemblies, there is a paint marker designed for the application.

Markal has a wide variety of marking products available that will work in these conditions but below are the top five for the railroad industry.

1) B® Paintstik® - Multi-purpose permanent solid paint crayon

B Paintstik

The original solid paint marker, the B Paintstik is an economical way to mark rough, rusty, smooth, dirty, oily, icy, wet, dry or cold surfaces and is weather- and UV-resistant. The B Paintstik is available in 14 colors and four sizes.

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2) Quik Stik® - Fast-drying solid paint in twist-up holder

Quik Stik

The smooth-marking Quik Stik leaves bright, permanent marks that dry in 5 to 7 minutes. The durable paint can mark on wet, smooth, rough, and hot surfaces. The weather- and UV-resistant paint advances and retracts by turning twist-up knob for efficient marking without the mess. The Quik Stik is available in eight standard colors, four fluorescent colors, and the new fluorescent 4-pack.

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3) PRO-LINE® XT - Liquid paint marker for rough surfaces and extreme durability


The fast-drying enamel resin paint provides enhanced wear-, weather-, and chemical-resistance making it ideal for marking in the most extreme conditions. The PRO-LINE XT can mark on rough, rusty, and dirty surfaces without damaging or clogging the nib and the paint adheres directly to the surface. The PRO-LINE XT is available in 14 bold colors.

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4) Security Check Paint Marker - Torque security paint marker

Security Check Paint Marker

The Security Check Paint Marker is designed to make visual indication of loosening or tampering of bolts and parts. The non-drip paint dries to touch in 15 minutes and fully cures in 4 days. Once cured, the paint will crack if the bolt or part has been moved. The Security Check Paint Marker is available in 8 colors and comes with an extended tip for precise marks.

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5) Solid Barrel Paint Marker - Metal-tipped, pressurized liquid paint marker

Solid Barrel Metal Marker

The durable aluminum barrel, steel tip, and pump mechanism make the Solid Barrel Metal Marker great for rough conditions when precise marks are needed. The sturdy tip can make rough and dirty surfaces without clogging. The Solid Barrel Paint Marker is available five bright colors.

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